Dasu Hydropower Project


Categories: Hydropower
Client: Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority
Country: Pakistan
Location: Dasu Region on Indus River
Region: South Asia

Constructions Overview

Narrative Description of Project:

Dasu Region is located in an isolated area from the national grid while there is rich potential of hydropower resources. Thus, the Pakistani Government decided to develop the area.

Installed Capacity                                                      4,320 MW

Peak & Firm Capacity                                                3,800 MW

Annual Energy                                                           21,300 GWh

Gross Head                                                                201 m

Net Head                                                                    183.8 m

Dam Height & Crest Length                                      H=233 m, L=584 m

Reservoir Storage Capacity                                      13,900 million m3

Specifications of Power Tunnel                                8 nos. D=8.5 m, L=392 m (concrete lined)

Penstock                                                                     8 nos. D=6.5 m, L=107 m (steel lined)

Diversion Tunnels                                                      2 nos., L=930 m

Type of Spillway                                                         Radial

Power House Specifications                                     Underground

National Grid Transmission Network Arrangement 76 5kV HVAC

Dam Type                                                                    RCC



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